Disaster Response

Letter from the South Jordan River Ridge Stake Presidency

April 2017

In keeping with long-established welfare principles, and as a follow-up to the instruction from our church leaders and the principles repeatedly taught by the First Presidency, we desire to provide additional emphasis concerning emergency response plans and family preparedness.

Localized emergencies in the past have clearly demonstrated the importance of having family, ward and stake emergency response plans that can be immediately implemented. The frequency of natural disasters and present-day world conditions render it imperative that bishops and stake presidents review and update these plans and insure that all members of the church are thoroughly familiar with the provisions and contingencies contained in them.

Priesthood and Relief Society leaders should reemphasize the importance of individual and family preparedness for short- and long-term emergencies. We counsel you to study and teach the principles found in All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage and All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Finances.

The document below (PDF) represents our stake plan, which when implemented, should provide the basis for us to be able to respond to any emergency or disaster in a spirit of faith, calmness, love and wisdom. We urge you to consider this information prayerfully.

Faithfully yours,

Kurt Soffe
Shawn Healy
Rob Brough

South Jordan Utah River Ridge Stake Emergency Response Plan

April 2019

View/Download the PDF here.