Information about parking in our stake’s church building parking lots

Originally read in sacrament and priesthood meetings throughout the stake on Jan. 11, 2015.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Regarding our parking lots, we have many wards in our stake where our senior members have difficulty getting from their cars into our church meetinghouses. Sometimes in inclement weather these dear brothers and sisters find it difficult to attend services simply because the only parking spots available to them are far from the door and it’s dangerous for them to physically park and get into the building.

We would ask that the lower parking lot in the temple building and the stalls closest to the doors in the stake center and north building be left available for our senior members and young mothers trying to get their families to church.

We suggest ward leadership continue to set the example by parking in the upper parking lot of the temple building and in the perimeter stalls of the stake and north buildings when possible. Our hope is that the rest of the able members of our wards will likewise follow suit.

Regarding the temple building: The FM group will be placing additional ice melt and a push spreader in the south lobby/breezeway of the temple building. Because this side of the building has difficulty melting please use this equipment often to cover the sidewalks and the entire south parking lot.

Brothers and sisters, we thank you for all that you do, your willingness to serve and appreciate and love you very much.

The River Ridge Stake Presidency