Stake Conference – March 20-21, 2021

We extend to each of you a personal invitation to participate in our Stake Conference later this month (March 20 and 21). Due to continued restrictions on large gatherings, each of our Conference sessions will be broadcast from the Stake Center over the internet. Following is a link to the webcast page, which will host each session of our Conference:

We invite you to make note of the following schedule of meetings and place them on your calendars, as appropriate:

  • Adult Session – Saturday, March 20 @ 6 p.m.
  • Priesthood Leadership Session – Sunday, March 21 @ 7:30 a.m.
    • Those invited to participate: Stake Presidency; high council; stake clerk (and assistant clerks); stake executive secretary; stake Young Men presidency (and secretary); bishoprics; ward clerks (and assistant clerks); ward executive secretaries; elders quorum presidencies and secretaries; ward mission leaders; ward temple and family history leaders; Deacons quorum presidents; Teachers Quorum presidents; and Aaronic Priesthood quorum advisors and specialists
    • Link to the recording:
  • General Session – Sunday, March 21 @ 10 a.m.

Please note the following instructions related to accessing the broadcast of the Conference sessions:

  • Access the South Jordan Utah River Ridge Stake Conference Webcast link at:
  • After clicking on “View” next to the desired Conference session you will be asked to enter your name. Please enter your full name and a number, which reflects the number who are watching the broadcast in your home. (NOTE: You do not need to enter an event code.)
  • We encourage you to click the “TEST Connection” link prior to the start of the Conference to verify your connection is working properly. Doing this will help ensure you are able to connect to the Conference and allow for any connection issues to be resolved in advance, as needed.

The primary purpose of Stake Conference is to strengthen faith and testimony. All of the talks and music are being planned with this purpose in mind. We encourage your prayers on behalf of all who have been invited to participate, and invite you to seek the Holy Ghost to prepare your hearts to hear and feel the messages our Heavenly Father has prepared for you.

We love you and look forward to participating with you in our Stake Conference.

With Love,

The Stake Presidency

President Soffe, President Healy, and President Brough

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